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Robb Johnson, A Break in the Clouds

All That Way For This Lyrics & Chords

All That Way For ThisCarrying Your Smile
No-one Wants to Look Like You
The Day After Valentine's Day
Almost The Homecoming Queen
A Desperate Man
The Blue Sea Says Yes
Zapatista Coffee
Pink Shoes
Sunny Afternoon In Ilmenau
On Highway 5

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Carrying Your Smile

Carrying your smile carefully in my heart
I carefully close the door & step into the dark
& though the journey home may take a little while
                                     G                                     Em
I will go the distance    carrying your smile
                    C            D                           G

Carrying your smile, it hardly hurts at all
When we say goodbye, when the silence falls
I don't count the days, I don't count the miles
I just go the distance carrying your smile

All across the world, this is what we do
                         C                                 Em
We step into the dark & hope that we get through 
                              C                                      Em    
All that keeps us going is the people that we love
                             C                                             G
But sometimes there are checkpoints where that won't be enough.
                                            C                                                         D

Carrying your smile like a lucky charm
I'm a lucky man to have held you in my arms
We line up at the checkpoint, we line up single file
I just want to go the distance carrying your smile.



It's 5 past Friday evening, The town's all cold & grey
C                         G                     F                          G 
But I'm down the Bahnhof Strasse In the Peanuts Bar Café
          C                                   G                  F                      G
I'm watching how the candles light & soften every face,
      C                              G                        F                   G
I'm watching how the mirrors catch the dreams that we've misplaced
 C                               G                               F                                   G  
Hey hey hey, .....well anyway...
                   F        G   F  G                          C    G    F    G etc

The favourite haunt of poets, Bert Brecht brings his guitar
& he calibrates earthquakes by the ash on his cigar
While the party people party, he knocks off another verse
Of course it could be better, then again it could be worse.
Hey hey hey, well anyway...

Robert Johnson calls in when he's in between the trains
Headed for the Hauptbahnhof with all his love in vain
The hellhound in the corner says Mensch, what you doing here
I'm expecting you tomorrow night ten thousand miles from here
Hey hey hey, well anyway...

They both put down their suitcases & buy each other beer
the barman says I'll see you  both same time, same place, next year
& I watch the bubbles rising & I watch the bubbles fall
maybe it's half empty or maybe it's half full
Hey hey hey, well anyway...

We all work for peanuts....

Read backstory to Peanuts

Play Peanuts (MP3)


The Day After Valentine’s Day

By now you've eaten all your favourite chocolates
D                               Dmaj7                      Em               A
The ones you don't like, stale as flat champagne
D                                     Dmaj7                 Em       A
The roses past their best the morning after
      D                      Dmaj7                  Em          A
The mirror says well I could say the same
        D                       Dmaj7              Em        A
Outside your cheap hotel it started raining
     Bm                                                  F#m
The favourite colour's February grey
         Bm                                       G
the TV doesn't work, no use complaining,
  Bm                                                 F#m
the day after Valentine's day.
       G                                A               G               A

I don't mind these cheap hotels we stay in 
Their mirror's show you each & every scar
The souvenir or two, the change of clothing 
The things we take that make us what we are
In these cheap hotels there are no secrets 
They wipe the glass & brush the crumbs away
They change the sheets that held you nearly naked 
The day after Valentine's Day.

Most cafes nowadays don't carry pinball 
Some places now don't even Pelforth Brune
We're running low on metaphors & verbal 
Next thing you know they'll obsolete the moon
But though this Eurostar is US tourists 
All pissed that Europe's not the USA
I will find a bar where I will write this song 
The day after Valentine's Day

& though time has redesigned my favourite café 
                G                                                        A
& every puddle soaks into my shoes
    G                                             A
I can still catch every curve you throw me
G                                                      A
It's the day after Valentine's day, & I'm still in love with
            G                               A                                           D  Dmaj7 Em
Cheap hotels & you
A                       D    Dmaj7  Em A    ... end Dmaj7


Almost The Homecoming Queen

Her eyes are as wide as the Michigan skies & her smile is as big as Detroit,
D                                         DsusDb                    DsusC                      DsusB/G 
As bright as the snow on its sidewalks, as she gets you to fasten your belts.
    DsusBb & G                    D                        DsusBb & G                     AsusD A7
She tilts her head this way, she tilts her head that way, to catch every one of your words,
D                                          DsusDb                               DsusC                             DsusB/G 
& you notice her hair is as wild as the sea, clipped back like the wings of a bird.
DsusBb & G                       D                                DsusBb & G                       AsusD A7
& nobody knows better than she does all of the miles in between
   G                       A                              D              DsusBb       G    
the flight from Detroit to Seattle                          & almost the Homecoming Queen.
      D                   DsusDb  DsusB/G  DsusBb & G      AsusD        A7                  D           

Dmaj7 D7 G  D Dmaj7 D7 G (usually D sequence x4)  

She's her Daddy's princess, the Disney princess, the duckling that never made swan,
Just the flight from Detroit to Seattle, where you give up on trying to stay young.
Or perhaps she just never did Geisha, too smart for the arseholes & jerks,
Too proud of her wild hair to cut it, too smart not to see how it works.

& nobody knows....

& she closes her eyes & she folds up her smile & her arms with the hands with no rings on her fingers
too proud for a Geisha, as bright as the snow, the far side of forty but that's how it goes
on the flight from Detroit to Seattle, the princess who wanted the world,
with her hair like her daddy's, as wild as the seas, & clipped back like the wings of a bird.

& nobody knows...



Just another tabloid story, Boy meets girl & girl gets legless
Dm                                    Bb
Boy gets lucky, girl gets pregnant, What did you expect would happen?
Gm                                                  A                       A7
Tabloid tits & tabloid bums, Tabloid lads & teenage mums
Dm                                      Bb 
Tabloid football heroes & their girlfriends who could shop for England
Gm                                               A                                  A7
Welcome to the land of the moron
Gm                                           Dm
Welcome to the land of the living brain dead
Gm                                         Dm  C  Bb   A  
Welcome to the land of the moron
Gm                                          Dm
It's moronland, where no-one ever wears a condom
Billy Shakespeare, who the hell's he? Did he play for Spurs or Chelsea?
Charlie Dickens? Phone a friend, He's the bassist in Oasis
Mr Kipling he makes tea cakes, Jeffrey Archer, proper culture
Proper English, what we speak, What you mean St George was Greek?

It's moronland, where everybody loves Big Brother

At the battle of Trafalgar Frances Drake was playing midfield
When he heard his bird's expecting He said Once more up the khyber
We will fight them on the beaches Half a league & half a guiness
Arthur Mullard, on the busses That's how England won the world cup

It's moronland, more & more & more &
                                                     Dm Bb Gm A
Moron lager, moron pubs, Moron burgers, moron clubs
Moron Dave & moron Tony, Moron mobile phone-in phoney
Moron headlines, moron page 3, Moron music, moron TV
Moron flags on moron cars, just how dumb do they think we are?


The Blue Sea Says Yes

She's buried her husband, She leans on a cane,
G                                                  Dm7 / F             - all the way through the verse
walks into the waves & she's Helen again
& the waves come like Paris with arms open wide
for his lover.
The king asks forgiveness For his foolish pride,
She puts on her make-up & straightens his tie
& old Agamemnon walks down to the tide
with his daughter, 

The blue sea says yes.
Am                         F (sus G note)         X2
The blue sea says yes.To every body.
G                          Dm                     G            Dm7 / F

For 50 long years I've been climbing this hill,
First it was Bognor Then San Rafael
50 long years going "Grandfather, when will we get there?"
Now on a good day If I stand on a chair
& look through this window the sea will be there
& the ghost of my grandfather says "Nearly there" in the mirror

The blue sea says yes.

Yes to the golden,
Yes to the bronzed,
& the shadowed & pale
who need hands to hold onto,
Yes to the silver tongued,
Yes to the swans
& the shipwrecked & rusted
whose paintwork's all gone
to the wound that won't heal,
& the heel you can't help,
all of our birthmarks & all of our scars
the thunderstruck ruin
& questionmark children
all of this asking
all of this asking


Zapatista Coffee

RJ & Sophie. Photo by Ron Shetterley.
Robb Johnson & Sophie

Sophie's very friendly, she wants to lick my guitar,
D                     A           Em                                   A
She's got these big brown eyes, but outside it's snowing
D                                            A      Em                     A
& I don't want to go for walkies, I want to play this guitar
D                                      A          Em                              A 
& drink Zapatista coffee.
             Em             A

Meredith makes coffee, & talks about the time
The women from the co-op, ex sweat shop workers
Came from Nicaragua, & they were really strong,
Like Zapatista coffee.

So I agree with Sophie, people are okay,
Most of them are friendly, you wag your tail & change the world,
Some do it with a molotov, some do it with a fair trade T shirt
& Zapatista coffee.
Zapatista Coffee is available from: &

Pink Shoes

I'm on this train, train travelling south, crossing the border,
D                                                              A 
Deep sea, wide sky sliding by in a smooth curve
D                                                                       A        etc
Wheels turn, thoughts turn, thinking of you
wheels turning, thoughts turning, thinking of you

Oo la la, the dancing we will do
G        D                                     A
When you put on your pink shoes
G                A                           D 

Pink lips, pink mouth, pink tongue travelling south
Eyes watch hands touch, hold tight crossing the border tonight
Oo la la, the dancing we will do
When you put on your pink shoes

skin tight, heart drumming, 
G              D                   
Wheels spin, wingscoming
G                    D 
Poetry ain't pylons It's pink shoes & black nylon
G         D                      A                 (WEIRD JAZZCHORD: 6th 
stringX,G,Bb,F,A, 1st stringX all played at 10th fret except Bb at 8th)
Oo la la, the dancing we will do
When you put on your pink shoes


Sunny Afternoon in Ilmenau

(D G A G all the way)

Me & Mr Goethe & some punks are happy sitting in the sun
Mr Goethe's writing poems, the punks are getting drunk
Since the worker's paradise went belly up there's not much else for them to do
Me I got this pain around my heart, it's nothing much, the sky's still blue

Funny how we end up here & now
On this sunny afternoon in Ilmenau

Famous Mr Goethe likes to think that everything that's seen & heard
& the impact on the inner life, you can nail that down with words
The punks aren't so ambitious but still wonder: what the fuck we doing here?
& the impact on the inner life, they like to nail that down with beer

& what I do I believe, beyond another flasche Jaecklein?
It's what we make & do that makes us what we are, although the outcome's never certain,
& the sun smiles down from heaven just like the Good Lord used to do
Upon this square where me & famous Mr Goethe & some punks have all passed through


On Highway 5

We drive all day, the mountains last forever,
D                                    A                            Bm    G    
They shrug their shoulders as the darkness falls,
        D                                 A                            Bm     G  
I stare out of the window & there's nothing but the night,
  D                       A                             Bm                      G
This is how I miss you, this is how I miss you,
D                  A              Bm               G
This is how I miss you most of all.
D                  A                           D     A   

All night broken people haunt street corners
A million miles behind the shopping mall,
Liquor marts spill little pools of whisky yellow light,
This is how I miss you, this is how I miss you,
This is how I miss you most of all.

The morning rainfall hammers on my rooftop,
G                                D                         A   
Stray cars hiss  & prowl around the sprawl
G                          D                           A
A siren howls past lonely as a tomcat,
G                            D                 A
On Highway 5 I miss you most of all.
Bm                      G                         A

Without you there's nobody comes to wake me,
Without you there's no number I can call,
Without you there's no candle for this darkness,
This is how I miss you, this is how I miss you,
This is how I miss you most of all,
On Highway 5 I miss you most of all.