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Robb Johnson, A Break in the Clouds


A Reasonable History of Impossible Demands

Released on 12th February 2016, this is a five-CD retrospective box set totallying 92 tracks, complete with a 64-page booklet

CDs 1,3 and 5 sort of chart the songwriting development from 1986 to 2013: CD1 the early stuff, CD3 the chanson stuff, CD5 the 21st century stuff. CD2 focuses on the protest songs, and CD4 focuses on the band recordings... but there's quite a bit of overlap.

There are about 16 tracks that also appear on the Margaret Thatcher: My Part in Her Downfall boxset, but 17 tracks that have never been officially released.

The box set, distributed by Discovery, is available in all good record shops (if they haven't got it, they're not a good record shop!) and is also available from Four Dogs Music, and Amazon, and from Robb at gigs.

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“Packed full of well-crafted songs … a magnificent retrospective” (R2)

“One of this country’s most important songwriters (no argument!) … a powerfully literate emotional sensitivity at work … this is one real essential purchase” (fRoots)

“He can be lyrical, he can explore the personal and emotional just as effectively as he can propagandise … his body of work can stand alongside anyone’s” (The Living Tradition).




1. Upstairs-downstairs
2. Rosa's Lovely Daughters
3. I Close My Eyes
4. Evergreen
5. Another Cold Saturday
6. 6b Go Swimming
7. Sunday Morning St. Denis
8. Fairy Tales in Feltham
9. Overnight
10. Winter Turns to Spring
11. The Last Time I Saw Paris
12. You Don't Have to Say Goodbye
13. Gliders for Tim
14. More Than Enough
15. Blame the Snow from Falling
16. I Remember Managua
17. Small Revolutions

DISC 2 - PROTEST & SURVIVE (1986-2013)

1. A Bird Is Singing
2. Captain Swing
3. Boxing Day
4. The Animals Song
5. The Herald of Free Enterprise
6. Vic Williams
7. Undefeated
8. Red & Green
9. When Saturday Came
10. Three Minutes Silence
11. We All Said Stop the War
12. This Is What Democracy Looks Like
13. Punk Rock Jubilee
14. Northwest Frontier
15. Inexcusable
16. Little Vinnie Jones
17. Alice Annie Wheeldon
18. Ding Dong Thatch


1. Love Takes No Prisoners
2. The Night Cafe
3. Magic Sam
4. When Harry Took Me to See Ypres
5. Au Depart
6. Changing the Guards
7. Icebergs
8. Barricades
9. The Big Wheel
10. Dear Andy
11. I Apologize
12. At the Siege of Madrid
13. Invisible People
14. The Young Man With the Girlfriend and Guitar
15. My Mother Taught Me How to Waltz
16. Breakfast in Chemnitz
17. Clockwork Music
18. Magic


1. Justice in Knightsbridge
2. Not in My Name
3. Remember This
4. Lottery Land
5. Martha in the Mirror
6. Anarchy in Hackney
7. Hands Off My Friends
8. You & This City
9. Ugly Town
10. UK Talking
11. On Highway 5
12. The Prince & Private Gentle
13. Even Steve McQueen
14. I Am Not a War
15. Win, Lose Or Draw
16. Falling Down With You
17. Karl Marx City Blues
18. Happily Ever After


1. 21st Century Blues
2. Real Cool Purple Shirt
3. The Beautiful Dark
4. Don't Close the Bar
5. Stand Clear!
6. The London Eye
7. Anyday
8. Almost the Homecoming Queen
9. Man Walks Into a Pub
10. The Wrong Train
11. A Place in the Country
12. Pennypot Lane
13. Rupert Says
14. Dreams
15. Cauliflower Curry
16. No Time to Say Goodbye
17. Bring Down the Moon
18. The Rottweiler Man
19. Downhearted
20. Be Reasonable
21. Here Comes That Miracle Again


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