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Robb Johnson, A Break in the Clouds

Robb Johnson MP3s

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New MP3s to be released on 15th December 2014

  • Make Believe
  • When My Grandfather Played Football

Pre-order from Amazon, iTunes or GooglePlay.

New MP3s in December 2012

Songs from the album "Once Upon a Time"

  • Patterns - full version with the Irregulars [9.4MB]
  • Long Road Home - demo version, recorded January 2011 [17.1MB]

Another new song, March 2011

New song, March 2011

Songs from the album "Man Walks into a Pub"

Patterns, February 2010

For Alistair Hulett. You can read Robb's appreciation of Alistair's life here.

Song for Afghanistan, September 2009

Inexcusable, January 2009

From the album "Love & Death & Politics (IRR068), October 2008:

Song for Danny Cullen (18/12/69 - 24/10/07), December 2007:

From the album "All That Way For This" (IRR066):

3 new songs, March 2006:

Vox, guitar & songwriting, Robb Johnson, recorded 22/3/06, by Simon Storey, in a front room in Brentford.

Exclusive website track, November 2005:

From the album "Metro" (IRR059):

Letters From America:

Five fairly recent songs:

Words & music by Robb Johnson, except “Annieke Und Claas”, words by Annieke & Claas, music by RJ. We wrote this together when I played at the Campshill Community Centre where they live in Hauteroda, Thuringen. “New Year's Eve Again” was written in the Hotel Nord Est in Paris, partly because the bathroom smelt so badly it was difficult to get to sleep there. “The London Eye” is ... about the London Eye, “Two More Bombs In Baghdad” was written on a beautiful Thuringen autumn morning after listening to the news, &“Democracy” is offered as a helpful explanation to the people of the next hapless small country likely to receive their attention, of the precondimented nature of the liberation offered by the US & its faithful poodle, Tony Blair. All songs were as usual recorded at the excellent Running Frog Studios.

From the album "Friday Night in Brentford" (UNLaBELLED 004):

From the album "Clockwork Music" (IRR048):


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