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2017 PHOTO

This photo (click on the thumbnail to see a much larger version) was taken by Milan Svanderlik. If you use it, please credit it to him. (Added 4th April 2017)

Robb Johnson in 2017.  Photo by Milan Svanderlik



Clicking on this photo will take you to a higher-resolution version suitable for printing and other publicity. Photo by Hari Johnson. (Added 22nd June 2016)

Photo by Hari Johnson



Two photos from the Tolpuddle Martyrs' Festival in July 2014 (taken by Jess Hurd), and two from Sidmouth Folk Week in August 2014 (taken by Chris Knight).

Tolpuddle - photo by Jess Hurd

Tolpuddle - photo by Jess Hurd


Sidmouth - photo by Chris Knight

Sidmouth - photo by Chris Knight



These photos were taken at Trowbridge on 25th July 2009 (for which many thanks to photographer Claire Pullinger), but being several years ago they are no longer suitable for publicity purposes. Click on any of them to see a much larger version. There are more of Claire's photos of the occasion at

The Irregulars at Trowbridge Village Pump, July 2009 Robb Johnson Robb Johnson

Naomy Charlie John


These photographs of Robb with The Irregulars are too old to be used for publicity purposes, but are included for the benefit of those who may be interested. Photo credits: Guy Smallman.

Robb Johnson & The Irregulars
Most of The Irregulars
Saskia & Roger
Robb & Paul
Robb & John



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