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A page listing recommended YouTube videos of performances by Robb, both solo and with the Irregulars. In particular, see:

The Robb Johnson Channel on YouTube. This includes over 70 videos and is often updated with new ones.

A selection of other videos appears below.

Video of Robb at Fleetwood Folk and Blues Festival 2018 (added 12th January 2019)

"The Valediction" from "Ordinary Giants", recorded in the summer of 2017, when there was a one-off concert at the Railway Inn to road-test the band songs before recording them. (Added 6th November 2018)

Video of Robb's concert at Trefpunt, Gent in November 2016.

Video by Ali Gavan of Robb and the Best Regards Band recording a live version of Night Cafe in Brighton Road Studios.

Video of Robb with Maggie Holland and Mark Whyatt performing 10 songs in Brighton Road Studios.

Several videos of Robb and the Irregulars at Gregson Lane Folk Club in February 2015, including "The Finest Electric Guitar I've Never Seen"

A video of Robb performing "Inexcusable", which is shockingly as relevant now as when it was first written in January 2009.

A video of Robb at Glastonbury 2014, performing "The Day My Grandfather Played Football". (Added 5th July 2014)

A lovely video of Robb and friends at Swaffham Free Festival performing "Win Lose or Draw" (Added 29th September 2013)

These high-quality videos of Robb solo were recorded live at Triskell Music Studios, Merkelbeek, Netherlands in 2005. (Added 5th January 2011)

Picking Up the Pieces

The Tin Town Criminals

Small Revolutions

This is What Democracy Looks Like

The Night Cafe

Sunday Morning St Denis

We All Said Stop the War

Real Cool Purple Shirt

At the Siege of Madrid

Breakfast in Chemnitz

You and this City

When Harry Took Me to See Ypres


Don't Close the Bar

The Big Wheel

The Beautiful Dark

I Apologise

Two videos of Robb with the Irregulars, filmed by Claire Pullinger and edited by Tim Sanpher, from a gig at The Barn, Hittisleigh in November 2010. (Added 5th January 2011)

No-one Wants to Look Like You

Highway 5

Video of the "Man Walks into a Pub", to accompany the relaese of the album, which you can watch on YouTube. Filmed in the Duke of Wellington, Shoreham-by-Sea in August 2010. (Added 21st September 2010)

Robb and the Irregulars perform "Win, Lose or Draw (Unbeaten)". The video was made by Tim Sanpher (who is an Irregular, and responsible for the song's demented 2nd guitar break). Images by Tim, Arvin Johnson and Guy Smallman. (Added 1st June 2010)

A very high-quality video by film-maker Martin Goodsmith, who filmed Robb singing "I Am Not at War" solo on Brighton Bandstand in September 2009, in the course of making a documentary on "folk soul". (Added 11th September 2009)

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